Food Processing Facility Design: Major Confectionary Expansion

Food-3Nutec worked under a design-build arrangement to provide comprehensive engineering and architectural services for one of the largest confectionary projects ever built in the United States. The 360,000 sq. ft. facility expansion was designed to house multiple process lines for syrup, miniature candies, and one of the world’s most popular chocolate treats, which can be produced at a volume of 70 million per day.

Food Processing Facility Design: Coffee Roasting Plant

Food-12When this global coffee company set out to air condition 350,000 sq. ft. of roasting, packaging, and warehousing space, they turned to Nutec to make the complicated project a reality. The cluttered plant ceiling presented a number of challenges, and the design solution was to utilize double-wall ductwork on the roof with fourteen packaged rooftop units providing 560 tons of cooling.

Food Processing Facility Design: Confectionary Conversion

Food-1Fully-integrated design and construction services were provided to convert an existing, vacant manufacturing facility into a modern cocoa butter processing plant and deodorizing facility comprising more than 66,000 sq. ft. The New Jersey facility provides wholesale confectionary products to some of the nation’s leading chocolate producers.

Food Processing Facility Design: Perishable Goods Distribution Center

Distribution-5As a result of booming business and inefficient distribution operations, a European food conglomerate retained Nutec to provide planning (including racking and slotting options) and then fully-integrated architecture and engineering services for a new 400,000 sq. ft. distribution center with 40 truck docks. The implemented solution utilized tilt-up concrete construction, and an ESFR system was employed throughout the facility.

Food Processing Facility Design: Perishable Goods Emergency Generator

Food-11After a series of natural disasters around the world, this leading grocery chain determined that they needed to be able to provide power to their primary distribution center for an extended period; however, because the facility includes cold storage and freezer areas, this required a much larger system. Nutec’s design solution was a new 3,000 kW diesel generator and related accessories for standby power supply.

Food Processing Facility Design: Favorable Location Analysis

Food-6This leading producer of coffee filters and beans commissioned Nutec to conduct a favorable location analysis near all the east coast coffee ports. Our scope included transportation and construction cost analysis, workforce and labor characteristics, economic development incentives, tax rates, and utility costs, allowing our client’s board of directors to make an informed decision.

Food Processing Facility Design: New Dry Line

Food-2Nutec has worked at this facility for more than three decades, providing design and construction services for several different companies occupying the plant. This particular project entailed installation of a new dry pet food production line, with new silos also being constructed. Other projects have included a new freezer building, locker room expansion, process utility upgrades, processing facility expansion, and many more.

Beverage Processing Facility Design: Bottling Plant

Food-5Working on a design-build team, Nutec provided full-service architecture and engineering for a new 100,000 sq. ft. bottling facility including blow molding, process, and bottling operations for three production lines. A Class 10,000 clean area was also designed.

Food Processing Facility Design: Snack Foods Production

Food-9Nutec was commissioned by a major player in the snack food industry to renovate an existing, 130,000 sq. ft. distribution center and convert it into a food production operation for the manufacture of chips, pretzels, popcorn, and cheese curls. Areas provided include raw goods, processing, packaging, seasoning, and finished goods storage.

Food Processing Facility Design: Snack Foods Headquarters

Food-10This national snack food company experienced a period of major growth, necessitating an expansion of their corporate headquarters. Nutec was commissioned to provide design-build services in support of a three-level, 32,000 sq. ft. expansion with private and open offices, lunch room, conference rooms, and training space.

Food Processing Facility Design: Cheese Production

Food-4Engineering and architectural design for a new 48,000 sq. ft. diary facility for the production of cheese products. The 50-degree building includes 25,000 sq. ft. for cheese processing, 10,000 sq. ft. of cooler storage, and administrative space.

Food Processing Facility Design: Confectionary Modifications

Food-7Multiple projects have been designed at several locations for this leading chocolate processor, including a coca bean processing expansion with bean silos, new four-level chocolate liquor building, and installation of a new chocolate/peanut product production line.

Food Processing Facility Design: Cocoa Processing Building

Food-8Nutec has been working with the largest cocoa processor in America for a decade. Among the projects completed during this period are a bean cleaning facility expansion, deodorizer line, process chilled water upgrades, domestic water upgrades, trash compactor, new HVAC for roaster and winnower, cocoa butter storage modifications, and more.