Research, Life Sciences, Medical Devices, & Medical Cannabis

Pharmaceutical, biomedical, vivariums, materials testing, medical devices, clean rooms, chemical, engineering, production prototyping, skunkworks, and medical cannabis – all types of projects Nutec's experienced team of professionals are regularly involved with. Key to our approach is the belief that giving a researcher a clear image of research-related space is essential in achieving both special and functional understanding.



Working with public and private clients, like the National Institutes of Health and USAMRIID has helped us gain a deep understanding into the specialized requirements of NIH, AAALAC, GMP, FDA, and MCA. Experience includes BLS-2 and BSL-3 labs, cleanrooms, filtration systems, biological safety cabinets, exhaust hoods, room and equipment finishes, specialized temperature, particulate, and humidity controls.



Design and construction of clean manufacturing space requires a deep understanding of GMP and FDA requirements as well as the ability to effectively integrate specialized mechanical systems with the building. Nutec's full-service design team brings a deep resume of talent with a thorough understanding of these unique spaces.



In recent years Nutec has become involved with the design of medical cannabis facilities as states have increasingly permitted this type of pharmaceutical production and sales. Our portfolio includes grow, process, and dispensary projects, and we bring an advanced understanding of the unique requirements of this type of facility: odor control, humidity control, lighting, power, and security.


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